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Francesca started shooting and developing photos while studying architecture in Naples, Italy. After graduating, she took a 3 months photography course, and soon after she moved to NYC, with the idea of becoming a professional photographer. Once there, she ended up working as an architect, taking pictures in her free time. Back in Naples, in 2017 she got passionate about Street Photography, and since 2019 her work has been exhibited in various photography festivals and exhibitions worldwide, and it has been featured in numerous international magazines and webpages.

She is a member of the international street photography collective Through the Lands, which aims to connect 14 photographers from all over the world to show their unique P.O.V. of the countries they visit.

She is one of the 100 “Women Street Photographers” showcased in the book curated by Gulnara Samoilova and edited by Prestel Publishing.

In 2019 and 2020 she has been guest curator of Women In Street, a large international community of women street photographers.

In 2021 she represented the Women Street Photographers community, in behalf of its founder Gulnara Samoilova, at the Trieste Photo Days.

In 2022 she was chosen by Magazzini Fotografici to work on a personal project sponsored by the Museo Madre (Napoli) on the theme "Utopia/Dystopia"

In 2023 she has been invited as Guest Speaker and Judge at the Italian Street Photo Festival .

In June 2023 an article about Francesca has been published on the italian magazine "Il Fotografo".

In September 2023 Francesca wins the second prize with her collection "Napolism" at the Gothenburg Street Photography Festival.

In 2023 she has been invited by Eyeshot Magazine to run a series of photowalks and photo-experiences in Naples, during the Eyeshot Open Call Exhibition at Magazzini Fotografici, from November till January 2024.

Francesca is currently teaching art and photography.

Street Photographers Foundation Awards 2023

Series Finalist


Eyeshot Open Call 2023

Series Semifinalist 

Gothenburg Street Photography Festival 2023

2nd Prize Series Winner and Single Photo Finalist 

Women Street Photographers Kuala Lumpur Exhibition 2023



Siena International Photo Awards 2022

Street Category Finalist

Eyeshot Magazine Open Call 2022

Honorable mention by Vineet Vohra and Single Photo Category Finalist


Istanbul Street Photography Festival 2022

Istanbul Category Finalist

Italian Street Photo Festival 2022

Single Photo Category Finalist

Urban Book Award2021



Siena International Photo Awards 2021

Street Category Finalist

Istanbul Street Photography Festival 2020

Single Photo Category Finalist


London Street Photography Festival 2020

Single Photo Category Finalist

Women Street Photographers Kuala Lumpur Exhibition 2020

Honorable Mention

Siena International Photo Awards 2020

Street Category Finalist


To Partecipate to the EYESHOT PHOTOWALKS

on November 4th, December 9th & 23rd; 


on November 17th & 24th, December 1st & 15th,

January 12th;  you can BOOK HERE:

Street Photography WORKSHOP in Napoli

March 1,2 and 3/2024 :


"10 Street Photography" by Psicografici Editori




Contact me for personal and group workshops in Italy and worldwide via email or filling the form at the bottom of this page.




"Half the Sky" Street Photography from Women

Konganei City, Tokyo, Japan 2023


"Napolism" Collection at the Gothenburg Street Photography Festival 2023

Women Street Photographers  at the Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival, Kuala Lumpur, Malaisya 2023

"The Wall of Women by Women" by Unexposed Collective at the Ballarat Photo Biennale, Ballarat, Australia 2023

"Through The Lands" Collective at Light Leaks Festival,

La Rotondes, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg 2023

Eyeshot Open Call 2022

Galleria del Cembalo, Rome, Italy 2022

Street Sans Frontieres 2022

Galerie Joseph Le Palais, Paris, France 2022

Treviso Photographic Festival

Piazza San Vito, Treviso, Italy 2021

Women Street Photographers 

Museum of Anthropology, Tabasco, Mexico 2021

"Un Altro Sguardo" (Solo)

Museum Shop, Naples, Italy 2020


"Double Trouble" by  Unexposed Collective at the Head On Photo Festival, Sidney, Australia 2020

"All Roads Lead to Rome"

Borgo Art Gallery, Rome, Italy 2019

Women Street Photographers at the Brussels Street Photography Festival, Belgium 2019

"Short Street Stories" at the Trieste Photo Days, Trieste, Italy 2019

Street Photography Exhibition Florence

Zona Aromatica Protetta, Florence, Italy 2019


"Two Way Street" by Women in Street at StreetFoto San Francisco, San Francisco, USA 2019

Street Sans Frontieres 2019

Galerie Joseph Turenne, Paris, France 2019

"Photo Scapes" by Kromia Gallery (Permanent)

Prestige Rooms Chiaia, Naples, Italy 2019

"Looking Through Their Eyes" (Solo), at Montreuil Portes Ouvertes, Montreuil, Paris, France 2017

"Il Mattino ha l'oro in bocca" by Nigma Fotografi

Castel Nuovo, Naples, Italy 1999

"Half the Sky" photobook by Ephemere + cover image

STREET PHOTOGRAPHERS FOUNDATION: Series "Napolism" by Francesca Chiacchio


"10" Street Photography book by Psicografici Editori

Storydrops Photo Series #21: Summer Jamboree by Francesca Chiacchio

IL FOTOGRAFO n.342: "Guardare San Gennaro dritto negli occhi" Francesca Chiacchio

UP PHOTOGRAPHERS: Interview with Francesca Chiacchio

MAGAZINE REPORTAGEM: Francesca Chiacchio Portfolio (pag. 34-45)

STREET BADASS: Live stream interview with Francesca Chiacchio

STREET PHOTO POOL: Interview with Francesca Chiacchio

THE STREET ROVER Magazine: "La fotografia è una passione di cui non posso fare più a meno. Intervista a Francesca Chiacchio"

CRACK MAGAZINE: "Notting HIll Carnival: 10 photographers recount their stories of the parade"


edited by Gulnara Samoilova and published by Prestel

STREET PHOTOGRAPHERS FOUNDATION:"Photo Stories: Francesca Chiacchio"


121 CLICKS:"My Personal Best: Italian street photographer Francesca Chiacchio"

PHOTOGRAPHIC MERCADILLO: Francesca Chiacchio, 20 January 2020

EYESHOT Magazine: Francesca Chiacchio

SHORT STREET STORIES Book "A collective tribute to Martin Parr's street photography" by Exhibit Around

CITIES #5 Magazine: "Viareggio's Carnival

14&15 BOW Magazine n. 9/2018 

La REPUBBLICA  16/08/2017

"Feast of Assumption Fireworks on Naples' waterfront: the perfect shot"


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